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Dreaming of an experience in the Swedish Wilderness?



Upgrid Experience is a small scaled tourism company, where we offer high quality, low impact accommodation.

Óff grid, but Upgraded!  

A sustainable company, where we work with nature to present our guests an experience they will always remember. 

Yes, it's us, Anne, Martijn and Espen!
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After 4 years of living in a van, it was time to settle down and in November 2020 we bought ourselves a lot of work. An old abandoned homestead, on a big plot of land. We live in a completely off-grid paradise, hidden away deep in the forest. As there hadn’t been anyone for over 20 years, a lot of work needed to be done. And we did! 

From the beginning it was our intention to share this place with others. It’s a place that asks to be seen! A place where silence prevails and there is space for everyone to experience what the outdoors does for them. An oasis of tranquility, with the possibility to undertake various (sportive) activities.

About Us

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What is Off Grid?

"Off grid is living without being connected to or served by publicly or privately managed utilities such as electricity, gas, or water"

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What do we offer?

At this point Upgrid Experience offers 5 camperspots near the lake, for you to relax with your own rolling home. Starting this summer, we will rent out 2 luxurious and fully furnished tents, which will be placed in the middle of our forest. Also, you can rent our wood fired hot tub, for the ultimate Upgrid Experience!

Social Media

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