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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the camper spots levelled?

Some of them are, some of them are not! We are a sustainable company and we like to keep things natural. 

Do you supply power to load our batteries?

No we don't. We are an off-grid company and at this point we only have enough power to load our own batteries. Make sure to find a place in the sunlight when you have solar panels. 

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Can we dump our waste water or our (chemical) toilet with you?

Yes and no. You could dump your water in cans or buckets, directly into our water cleaning system. We don't offer a spot, where you can drive on top off, to empty your grey water. As long as your toilet is chemical free, you can also dump it here. 

Can we fill up our water tank with you?

Yes, but maybe not in the way you are used too. On site there is a tap where you can tap water with watering cans. 

Do you have waste bins?

Yes, we do. Please make sure to separate glass, compost, plastic, cans, paper and other waste. 

Can we swim in the lake?

Sure! The first few meters ain't so deep, which is great for younger children. 

Do you have a toilet?

We do. We have a traditional swedish "utedas". It is an outdoor compost toilet. 

Can we make a fire in the forest?

Of course you can. Find your own fire wood and use our fire place to heat up or make yourself a meal. There will be an axe available when needed. 

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How far away is the supermarket?

You will find a little shop within 20-30 minutes (by car) from our place, depending on the season

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What about the tents?

We are now in the middle of putting one tent up for rent. You can follow the build off on our stories on Instagram!


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How can we pay?

You might not expect it deep down in the forest, but you can pay with card or contact free with your phone

       - No Cash -

What do and what

don't we offer?

We offer:

Are great spot for a perfect stay

A hideaway in the middle of nature

A free bath in the lake

Family run friendliness

Small scaled accommodation

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We don't offer:

A shower (for now), jump in the lake instead!

Power to load your batteries

Food & Drinks

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